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Halo 4 Concept Art Dump

It's been a while since I posted here. I've been really busy since I started working at 343 Industries for Halo 4. Here are some concepts I've done for the game.


Covenant Terminal

Forerunner Defense Mega Canons
Forerunner Portable Automated Turret (PAT) Armor Ability
Forerunner Alien Interfaces


Holographic Table Graphics
Knight Schematic Graphics

Generic UNSC Computer screens

A few armors I worked on.

Hey All,

Haven't posted in a while, but here's a piece I did for the upcoming Red Engine Studios 1 Year Anniversary Gallery Show on July 16th in downtown LA. The theme was "Red Train". Enjoy!
Hey guys, here's a new ship design that's still WIP. It's part bomber and dropship. Enjoy!
Some stuff I did for a Sci-Fi/Futurist film pitch

New Pieces:

*NOTICE* I hope to clarify some recent misunderstandings that this work here was and is presumed to be concept work done for the new upcoming Uncharted 3 property for Naughty Dog and Sony, but as stated on the bottom of the post several months ago, this was a project done for an architecture class and has no affiliation with Naughty Dog and their Uncharted series. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Uncharted 3 pieces I did for architecture class